Thursday, 15 October 2009

Blog Action Day '09 - Climate Change

Here’s an irony: I have the beginnings of two novels on Word, both with a main theme of climate change, yet have nothing planned for this, Blog Action Day ’09.

It would be good if I could cite something to do with “global warming” for my distraction, but, unless I repeat myself on MS (multiple sclerosis) and Environmental Illness (see here); or tell you I’m curled up with guilt over my use of fossil fuel electricity (I’ve researched wind turbines like mad and wish I could have one built but, alas, can’t use the roof without upstairs neighbours’ agreement to share [and that’s if we got planning permission] and can’t use the garden, again without planning permission and, realistically, a lot more money than I have) – ‘curled up with guilt’ and/or cold due to it; unless I protest at how my head hurts and MS symptoms are worsening as a result of using mercury-filled light bulbs (only type available now [aside: further weakening of elderly/infirm = more volunteers for euthanasia?]) – plus, their low-wattage (“energy”) is making me colder (cold: stops clear thinking; writing; demands more heating; could cause hypothermia); unless those reasons (all true) are all I give: a) this post will never be done in time, and b) I’ll be writing my novels…

And, therein, lies the crux of the matter: I am personally so worried about pollution and the ruination of our planet that I have become obsessed by studying astronomy and thinking about humanity’s habitation/colonization of another planet to put into these two (one for children) speculative/sci-fi books.

So, ironically and in more ways than one, I have been distracted and kept away from this blog post on climate change, by climate change.

It bothers the living daylights (great pun!) out of me and I want to thank Blogger and all the bloggers, everyone involved in Blog Action Day ’09, for their highlighting of this - most serious of all issues - issue. Let’s hope and pray that our voices (with others’ such as Greenpeace) are heard and our warnings heeded.

P.S. On a smaller note (but giant oaks start with small acorns, right?!): could borough councils work harder at recycling, and every borough council fit solar panels to homes and/or build wind turbines for their community? Just a thought…

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